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Just north of the Veterans Memorial Plaza and the World War Memorial is located the national headquarters of the American Legion. In the space between the plaza and the headquarters is a Mall filled with war memorials honoring those from World War I, World War II, Korea and Vietnam, the last three of which are identical in design and vary only by their size with the World War II memorial the largest at a full half circle. These last three memorials line the long sides of the mall and space has been left for additional memorials. These memorials are tall quarter to half circular open columns. On one side are etched the names of those from the state who lost their lives as well as quotes from famous political and military figures of the conflict as well as key battles from the war. On the other side are etched letters from the men who served to their loved ones; in some cases these are men whose name appear on the other side of the memorial as having died in combat. They are especially moving. The World War II Memorial also has column aside it which lists all of the major battles of the war by year.

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