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This city plaza is dedicated to honoring San Antonio's many veterans and houses to main memorials to the Korean and Vietnam Wars as well as the Battle of the Bulge. The Korean Memorial is unusual an stunning. A mound of stone and concrete represents a snow-covered foxhole. Two infantrymen, visible only from the shoulders up as they stand guard, peer front and back. They are bundled up for the extreme cold that forces endured on the Korean peninsula. At the top of the mound are placed a combat belt, canteen and several grenades ready for use. It is a stark memorial in the middle of the city but captures the fierce determination on the faces of the men as well as they hardships they endured. There are two several plaques attached to the mound. One gives the statistics on the number of men who served and who were killed or wounded during the war, while a separate plaque lists the names of 7 local men from Company C who lost their lives. Interestingly near the memorial and adjacent to brick pavers that were purchased to honor individual veterans is a small plaque that gives thanks to the many Korean Americans in the San Antonio area who contributed funds to the memorial.

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