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This beautiful circular plaza in Alexandria, Virginis named in honor of Medal of Honor recipient Humberto Roque "Rocky" Versace from the War in Vietnam. Mr. Versace was a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and listed Norfolk, Virginia as his hometown. A member of the US Special Forces serving in Vietnam early in the conflict, was captured by the Viet Cong, tortured and executed in 1965; his remains were never found. The memorial plaza constructed by the city of Alexandria and dedicated in 2002 is named for Rocky and honors him and all sixty-one men from Alexandria who died in the war. Around the granite walls of the plaza are inscribed the individual names with a gold star above each name. Antonio Tobias Mendez, a Maryland sculptor, designed the beautiful bronze sculpture at the center of the plaza that depicts Rocky in military fatigues but without weapons smiling with two small children. An incription at the plaza states "Dedicated to Captain Humbert Roque 'Rocky' Versace, a kid from the neighborhood who had the faith and never gave in." [All photos for this memorial provided by and property of Stacy Rausch.]

All photos for this memorial are provided by and property of Stacy Rausch
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