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Worksheet/Assignment Using Cemeteries

Cemetery Worksheet/Assignment


Choose at least 2 of the military cemetery items within the site for this assignment.

  1. Compare the layout of at least 2 commemorative cemeteries. What do you think the layout of the graves symbolizes?


  1. What structures besides graves are present? What do these structures contain?  What do they represent?


  1. What symbols are used in the cemetery?  What do you believe they represent?


  1. Compare the size (area covered) and the number of graves in the cemeteries.


  1. How are graves marked? What is included on the marker?  How does this differ from cemetery to cemetery?


  1. Who maintains or oversees the cemetery?


  1. Which war(s) are represented in the cemetery?


Visit a military cemetery in your area and compare it to the ones you have seen on this site.  How is it similar?  How does it differ?  Why do you think there are differences or similarities?



If your loved one was killed overseas in a war such as World War II, would you want their remains returned or left to lie with their fallen comrades?  Explain your decision.


Visit the website of the Commonwealth Graves Commission www.cwgc.org as well as the American Battle Monuments Commission www.abmc.gov and compare how the two organizations manage their cemeteries.