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Worksheet/Assignment Using Memorials from the Site

Worksheet/Assignment Using Memorials


Directions:          Select at least 3 memorials from the site and complete the following worksheet.



  • List the 2 (or more) memorials that you selected to study from this site. Include their specific locations.


  • What event is being commemorated on each memorial?


  • Describe the architecture or symbols used to portray the event. How is warfare depicted?


  • How are the individuals or groups portrayed on the memorial? What is the central figure or person  used on the memorial?


  • What, if any, narrative statements or words are included on the memorial?


  • What key words or symbols are used in the memorial to invoke specific ideas or to inculcate certain beliefs or virtues?


  • When was the memorial constructed and by whom? How close to the date of the event was the construction (if you know this information)?


  • What emotional response do you think the memorial is seeking to elicit from the viewer? What does this emotional response tell you about the feelings toward the event held by the builders?  In other words, is this a positive or negative event?  Is it glorified or mourned?


  • Using both memorials, compare the iconography or symbols on the memorials you have studied. How do they differ and how are the similar?  What does this tell you about the two societies?


  • How do memorials differ in the ways in which they seek to remember an event?


  • Finally, which of the following best describes the meaning of the memorial?
  1. funerary or mourning
  2. civic or imparting social meaning
  3. celebrating victory
  4. protesting or dissenting
  5. combination of one or more of the above